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Cherating is a unique village on Malaysia's east coast, well-known for its lush jungles, gorgeous beaches, and surfing community.

This fishermen's town has progressively transformed into a watersports destination that draws sports enthusiasts from all over the world because of its unique seasonality.

Its youthful, lively, and creative character is a remarkable illustration of the Malaysian cultural mix.

Happening Now
Cherating: an Eco Sports Village for the creative and adventurous

Situated within three hours' drive from Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, Cherating is one of the few authentic village beach getaways that can be visited over the weekend. Imagine jumping into your car straight from the offcie on Friday night and reaching the beach right in time for a late dinner. Getting to Cherating instantly turns off the stresses of the concrete jungle and gives the calm and tranquilly of feeling sand beneath your feet.

Cherating is a small and cosy village where you may rapidly get to know people and make friends, sometimes for life. A lot of adventurous, creative people come here to feel the divine connection and the freedom of nature. However, it's not only about the environment; community is equally important.

You never know who you might run into, while sipping your cappuccino and waiting for the wave to surf. However, as most visitors to this place take detours from the typical paths in life, you will undoubtedly meet someone interesting. Surfers, kite-surfers, travellers from Europe, Australia and all over the world, writers, digital nomads, bankers and advertisers all come here united by the love for nature, freedom and peace.

Because of its shallow seas and motorised free zone at the beach, Cherating is also a family-friendly destination that is safer for kids. Give your little ones the privilege of spending their weekend away from the screens, collecting shells, chasing the mud crabs and catching their first waves.
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