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Dear Customers, please be informed, that due to the weather conditions in Cherating surfing is only possible from November till March. We will see you again in November 2024! In the meantime please try Windsurfing, Kitesurfing and Stand Up Paddling with us. Thank you!

Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating adventure, riding the majestic waves of the ocean?
At our surfing school, we offer top-notch surfing lessons that cater to surfers of all levels, from beginners eager to catch their first wave to experienced riders looking to refine their skills. Our dedicated team of certified instructors is passionate about sharing their love for the ocean and the thrill of surfing with you.

What to Expect:
1. Expert Instruction: Our team of experienced surf instructors are not just surfers but also dedicated educators, with a wealth of knowledge about the ocean and its dynamics. They will provide you with the tools and techniques to become a confident surfer while emphasizing safety throughout your lessons.

2. Safe Learning Environment: Safety is our top priority. We provide quality surfboards and safety gear to ensure your comfort and protection while you learn to surf. We choose surf spots with optimal conditions suitable for your skill level, and our instructors are always on hand to provide guidance and support.

3. Personalized Lessons: Whether you're a first-timer or an experienced rider seeking to master new tricks, our lessons are tailored to your individual needs. Small class sizes or one-on-one coaching allow for personalized attention and feedback, ensuring rapid progress.

4. Surfing Techniques: Our instructors will teach you everything you need to know about paddling, popping up, balance, and catching and riding waves. You'll develop a solid foundation to build upon as you become a skilled surfer.

5. Ocean Awareness: Surfing is not just about riding waves; it's also about understanding the ocean's rhythms and respecting its power. Our lessons will teach you about tides, currents, and how to read the waves, ensuring a well-rounded surf experience.

Surfing Lesson Price List
Private 1 Hour
Private 2 Hours
2–4 pax 1 hour
>4 pax 1 Hour
Beginner Instructor + Foam surfboard
MYR 150
MYR 280
MYR 130
MYR 120
Intermediate Instructor + Fibre surfboard
MYR 250
MYR 400
Advanced Instructor 1 to 1
MYR 300
MYR 500
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  2. Choose your service type: Lesson with instructor (rental of the board included) / Rent only
  3. Choose the duration of the service: 1 or 2 hour lesson (rent included) / Board rental half day (4 hours) or full day (8-12 hours)
  4. Define the number of people taking the services and send all the details in the form below
  5. Receive a quote from us and make a payment to the banking account stated below. Send us a copy of the payment slip.

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